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  • I have an app that uses QR-codes and URI association to launch my App with specific QR-codes. That part is working nicely, but  I would also like the same QR-codes to be able to find my App from the Store if the user doesn't already have my App installed.

    After reading one of my QR-codes there is a messagebox that says: "Search for app in the Store? You need to install an app for this task. Would you like to search for one in the Store?"

    The search gives the result "Sorry, no apps found."

    My URI association is marked in the WMAppManifest like this:

          <Protocol Name="quizzyabc" NavUriFragment="encodedLaunchUri=%s" TaskID="_default" />

    And I also have AssociationUriMapper class like this:

    class AssociationUriMapper : UriMapperBase
            private string tempUri;
            public override Uri MapUri(Uri uri)
                tempUri = System.Net.HttpUtility.UrlDecode(uri.ToString());
                // URI association launch for quizzyabc.
                if (tempUri.Contains("quizzyabc:QuestionPage.xaml?rastinumero="))
                    // Get the category ID (after "CategoryID=").
                    int categoryIdIndex = tempUri.IndexOf("rastinumero") + 12;
                    var kysymysID = tempUri.Substring(categoryIdIndex);
                    // Map the show products request to ShowProducts.xaml
                    return new Uri("/QuestionPage.xaml?rastinumero=" + kysymysID, UriKind.Relative);
                // Otherwise perform normal launch.
                return uri;

    So is there a way to make the Store search find my app automatically after reading one of my QR-codes registered to my App? 

    EDIT. My QR-code's message is which redirects the user to quizzyabc:QuestionPage.xaml?rastinumero=1

    Tuesday, April 15, 2014 2:33 PM

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