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  • I've got a VB program that i've built in Express beta 2...

    A user fills out a form, including an email address, and the program stores the entered data in a database, and sends an email to that address...

    That much works fine, but...

    I need that email to include a "more detailed info" link/button/something that will trigger another program that will send another email. I need some way of knowing which user clicked the link. When the record is created in my database, i've given it a unique identifier, because i thought i could send this to the database, to choose the correct record, and format the 'more detailed info' properly.

    how do i include that identifier in the email in a way that i can send it back to the server, and trigger a program to send another email?

    my background is mainly VB... and i'm still learning that, so i don't know how to do this. is scripting what i need? i think it might be, but i don't know how to include it in my program. is there something in VB that can do this?

    Assume i know nothing about anything outside VB (which is mostly true). Can anyone suggest how to go about this?

    Thursday, September 1, 2005 8:46 AM


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  • Have a page on your site called moreinfo.aspx (or whatever) and include a link in the e-mail to

    http://www.yourserver.com/moreinfo.aspx?ID=<insert ID here>

    And moreinfo.aspx will read the ID, send the detailed e-mail based on the ID.

    If you want to be more secure about it, as well as storing the ID in your table I'd also store some randomly generated number and pass both;

    http://www.yourserver.com/moreinfo.aspx?ID=<insert ID here>&num=<random number>

    Before you send the e-mail make sure that the random number supplied matches the one stored against that ID. That will stop people amending the URL manually and sending e-mails to people who don't want them.

    Thursday, September 1, 2005 10:04 AM
  • ok. that's perfect. exactly what i need... but.... never touched ASP.

    I've downloaded the visual web developer, and am starting to try it out... when i'm starting this new page, is the page i want to create a Web Site? or Web Service? What exactly is a Web Service?

    Thanks so much for your help. i'll consider adding the random number, but i thought the unique identifier is secure enough... it's a random string of 32 digits created each time a record is added to the database.
    Thursday, September 1, 2005 10:30 AM
  • Can anyone at least give me an idea of what sort of search terms to use to find out about

    http://www.yourserver.com/moreinfo.aspx?ID=<insert ID here>

    type things? i've been doing some reading and searching but can't figure out what you'd call passing these values through the web address... any suggestions?

    Thursday, September 1, 2005 3:14 PM
  • Milothicus, there's so many ways to do this:and so many terms for it. You could start by checking the documentation for httprequest at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/cpref/html/frlrfsystemwebhttprequestclasstopic.asp, and then check up on the property for 'Params'. This will redirect you to concepts such as querystring, ServerVariables, and Cookies.

    From there, I would suggest directing questions to the ASP.NET forums (http://forums.asp.net/) since you'll get more specialized advice ;-)

    Thursday, September 1, 2005 5:07 PM
  • querystring found me exactly what i was looking for. now i can at least search for the right info (over at asp.net). Thanks for the help.
    Friday, September 2, 2005 7:33 AM