LINQ query with Mutliple Tables? RRS feed

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  • I am joining the two tables using LINQ to match model class like below

      lstOptInInterest = new LinkedList<OptInInterestArea>
                               ((from a in dbEntities.SUBCODE
                               from appCode in dbEntities.CODE.Where(
                                  x => x.CODE == a.CODE  && x.TYPE == a.TYPE)
                                select new OptInInterestArea()
                                       Code = a.CODE,
                                       SubCode = a.SUBCODE,
                                       SubCodeDescription = a.DESCR,
                                       CodeDescription = appCode.DESCR
    Model class
    public class OptInInterestArea
                public string Code { get; set; }
                [DisplayName("Sub Code")]
                public string SubCode { get; set; }
        	    DisplayName("Sub Code Description")]
                public string SubCodeDescription { get; set; }
        		[DisplayName("Code Description")]
                public string CodeDescription { get; set; }
                [DisplayName("Previous OptIn")]
                public bool PrevOptIn { get; set; }

    Table B

    Now my question is I need to assign `PrevOptIn` values of `lstOptInInterest`  from Table B (see above). Table B may or may not contains all of `CODE` and `SUBCODE` of `lstOptInInterest`. 

    If `CODE` and `SUBCODE` of `lstOptInInterest` exists on the table B assign to `PrevOptIn` in  else `PrevOptIn = N`

    How can I do LINQ to get this? 

    ItsMeSri MOSS SP2, 3 WEFs, Windows 2008 R2 x64.

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