How to determine memory paging/page swapping is an issue? RRS feed

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  • I have been tasked to check several servers to see if any page swapping is occurring. I created data collector sets for the following and was able to only run them for a time period of 2 hours each at 15 second intervals:

    Memory - Available Bytes; Cache Faults/Sec; Page Faults/Sec; Page Reads/Sec; Pages Input/Sec; Pages Output/Sec; Pages/Sec

    PhysicalDisk - Avg. Disk Bytes/Read; Avg. Disk sec/Read; Disk Reads/sec

    Process - Working Set for all processes

    Now that I have data collected, I see paging is happening because I have counts on each server for Pages/Sec. My problem is I don't know if the numbers I have are OK or am to be alarmed about. Memory usage has been checked and determined by others that the memory is fine. How can I be sure that these page counts are nothing to be of concern? What is considered a high number for Pages/sec. I have one server that is going into 12k pages/sec but the Pages Output/sec is quite low. Is it recommended to collect for a longer time period? 

    When I look at the reports and basing them of information from internet I start to get confused. I feel horrible. I just need to know if the servers are page swapping and causing performance issues. Any tips or general tasks to confirm this is greatly appreciated. 

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