Secondary Tiles keep reappearing


  • I have an interesting problem - probably not developer related, but I'd thought I'd post the question since I am in the development phase of the app. 

    Through the app I pin several live tiles, all with scheduled tile updates (through TileUpdateManager.CreateTileUpdaterForSecondaryTile.)  The updates all work fine - launching works, etc.

    I then go back to the start screen, un-pin the tiles and they fade out of view, disappearing as you'd expect.  Sometimes only 15 minutes later, they all re-appear as if I hadn't un-pinned them.  I uninstall the app, reinstall it (or redeploy it) and the tiles also re-appear.  I've un-pinned them about forty times now, and they just keep coming back.

    I use this code to pin them:

     async public static Task<bool> Pin(string ID, string shortname, string displayname, string pageArgs, Uri[] LogoImages, Button pinButton,
                Uri periodicUpdate=null, PeriodicUpdateRecurrence? recurrence=null)
                SecondaryTile secondaryTile = new SecondaryTile(ID);
                secondaryTile.Arguments = pageArgs;
                secondaryTile.DisplayName = displayname;
                secondaryTile.RoamingEnabled = true;
                secondaryTile.VisualElements.ShowNameOnSquare150x150Logo = true;
                secondaryTile.VisualElements.ShowNameOnSquare310x310Logo = true;
                secondaryTile.VisualElements.ShowNameOnWide310x150Logo = true;
                secondaryTile.VisualElements.Square150x150Logo = LogoImages[0];
                secondaryTile.VisualElements.Wide310x150Logo = LogoImages[1];
                secondaryTile.VisualElements.Square310x310Logo = LogoImages[2];           
                bool isPinned = await secondaryTile.RequestCreateForSelectionAsync(GetElementRect((FrameworkElement)pinButton), Windows.UI.Popups.Placement.Above);
                if (isPinned && periodicUpdate!=null && recurrence.HasValue)
                    TileUpdater tu = TileUpdateManager.CreateTileUpdaterForSecondaryTile(ID);
                    tu.StartPeriodicUpdate(periodicUpdate, recurrence.Value);
                ToggleButton(pinButton, isPinned ? false : true);
                return isPinned;

    The event log for Microsoft/Windows/SettingSync/Debug shows all successes - and all the other tiles on the system seem to be working normally. (I noticed this morning some errors attempting to sync, but I think it was early in the system start up, and the WiFi network wasn't alive yet.)

    Obviously I can uninstall the app, change it's Guid and uninstall/redeploy and that might work - but if this happens to an end-user in the field, I'd like a fix for them, too.

    Is there anything more I could check? 

    Darin R.

    Thursday, April 17, 2014 2:12 PM

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  • The things that comes to mind are roaming issues or the scheduled updates recreating the tile. Does this reproduce if you turn off roaming? Do the tile recreations time with the updates?

    Does this reproduce on other systems or just the one?


    Friday, April 18, 2014 3:08 AM
  • I am leaning towards this being a very particular issue at a very particular time. 

    Looking at my live tile service's www logs, The tiles that were reappearing were all pinned in a two day period about two weeks ago while I was initially testing tiles.  I've pinned and unpinned hundreds since then, changed my background service URI since then - and only a handful I pinned around that date return.

    Turning off roaming pauses the problem until roaming is turned back on.

    I could un-pin the tiles, sit at the start screen and wait - doing nothing.  Sometimes in as little as 15 minutes, they'd come back.

    I've changed app UID's now to see if I can reproduce the problem.  I'll report back when I find something

    Darin R.

    Friday, April 18, 2014 1:54 PM