How to specify a max Matrix width? RRS feed

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  • Hey all,


    I am developing a basic web reporting application that uses the ReportViewer component to view reports in Local Mode.


    I've run into a small issue I was hoping someone might have an answer for.  Basically, I have two parts to each report - the chart component, and the data table underneath, similar to an Excel data table but using the Matrix component.  The issue, however, is that when the date range of the report is too large, the data in the data table extends far beyond the size of the chart, which makes it difficult to print both the chart and the data table.


    Is there any way to limit the size of a Matrix such that if there is too much data, the Matrix automatically "squishes" the cell contents to fit into the width, rather than just extending all the way across the page?  I know the Excel data table does this, and I was hoping I could find similar functionality in a Reporting Services report.


    Thanks in advance!

    Friday, March 21, 2008 6:37 PM