BizTalk 2009 MQSeries COM Factory CLSID / DCOM permissions 80070005 RRS feed

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  • To make a long story short, we originally in a labmanager environment setup a win2008 64 bit system with BizTalk, SQL Server and WebSphere for development.  When trying to connect with MQSeries we got:
    "Retrieving the COM factory for remote component with CLSID {....} from machine ... failed due to the following error: 80070005".  We then thought it might be helpful to use a local image on our sogeti laptop using 32 bit Win2008 in vmware to figure things out.
    After install Adapters for Host Systems 2.0 in a crude Active Directory structure, something started to work as far as the MQSeries dropdown working in Send/Receive wizard for MQSeries but nothing happend in the Queue.  EventViewer started logging numerous DCOM permission errors saying it couldn't find the server and our DNS was causing errors. 
    I started over with no active directory or DNS and BizTalk installed easily but now the MQSeries Send/Receive is throughing the original error of 80070005.  I have tried granting permissions to Network Services all over the Component Services configuration snapin as suggested by numerous blogs. 
    Ethier way, with DNS and active directory or without, we seem to be missing the boat on properly configuring permisssion to get BizTalk 2009 to talk to MQSeries.
    Tuesday, September 21, 2010 8:45 PM


  • So you are using the MQSeries adapter to connect to a queue or is it the MQSC adapter? The BAH install gives you the MQSC adapter. Were you able to get an error back from the queue or the client library? You can usually tell from the event provider or the stack trace - after getting it to submit to the client library it will start giving you error codes. 80070005 is on the BizTalk adapter side.

    The 80070005 means something "improper" is going on and can sometimes be a permission thing. Did you grant the BizTalk app host account membership in a local group called mqm?

    One thing I did was to create a custom host just for connecting to MQSeries, and run it under a local account that is in the mqm group and also the BizTalk app users group. You want the local account to have the same name and password as the remote account so that when the account comes in trying to authenticate to the destination queue the authentication works successfully.


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    Wednesday, September 22, 2010 5:30 PM