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  • Hello,

    I have some problems with performance in an online store that offers the posibility to select multiple filters for products.

    For example : I need a query to filters all products with :

    - RAM  Memory : 4Gb or 6 Gb


    - HDD: 150 Gb or 250 GB .

    I have attached an database diagram with tables .

    Filters - the table where I store general filters like : Ram Memory , HDD, Processor Types, etc

    FilterElements- the table where I store the filter Values : for Ram Memory the values are : 2Gb, 4 Gb

    Products- the table where I store the products

    ProductFilters - is the table where I store the asociation of filterElements to Products.

    I tried the next query:

    ( parsedFilters is an dictionary where the key is the filterID and the values are the selected filterElementID: Example:

    public List<Product> GetProductsByFilters(int vCategoryId, string filters, int maximumRows, int startRowIndex)
                     int PageIndex = GetPageIndex(startRowIndex, maximumRows);
                     int PageSize = maximumRows;

                     Dictionary<int, List<int>> parsedFilters = ExtractFilters(filters);

                     var temp = (from lproduct in Shoppingctx.Products.Include("ProductFilters")
                                     lproduct.ProductCategoryID == vProductcategoryID                                
                                select lproduct);

                        foreach (KeyValuePair<int, List<int>> pair in parsedFilters)
                            int filterID = pair.Key;
                            List<int> values = pair.Value;

                            temp= temp.Where(p => p.ProductFilters.Any(y => y.FilterID.Value ==  filterID && y.FilterElementID.HasValue && values.Contains(y.FilterElementID.Value)));

                 List<Product> products = temp.Skip(PageSize * PageIndex).Take(PageSize).ToList();

                     return products;


    But there are problems with performance .

    In my opinion, there is a problem because I split the query in 3 steps

    - Select by category

    - Select fy filters

    - Select rows for paging

    Is there a solution to do this in one step ?

    Any sugestions ?

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  • Hello Lucian P. _,

    Thank you for posting in MSDN Forums.

    From your description, I notice the issue you are experiencing is that you want to know how to combine the query.

    As far as I know that you can use Dynamic LINQ.

    Here is the link that will show you how to use the Dynamic LINQ and the sample code:

    And I found it would have a problem in the loop in your code. The temp will be covered by the result set of the last query option.

    I would recommend you define a template set to store the result in the loop each time; rather than using the “temp”.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards.

    Fred Bao
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    Monday, August 12, 2013 5:49 AM