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  • Hi all

    I am having some trouble adding rounded corners to my web parts.

    I can add rounded corners to three of the corners on the web part chrome by editing the following CSS:

    /* Top Left Corner */
    .ms-WPHeaderTd {
    	background: #04a204 url('/images/tl.gif') no-repeat left top;
    /* Top Right Corner */
    .ms-WPHeaderTdMenu {
    	background: #04a204 url('/images/tr.gif') no-repeat right top;
    /* Bottom Left Corner */
    .s4-wpcell-plain {
    	background: #04a204 url('/images/bl.gif') no-repeat left bottom;

    It is the bottom that I am having problems with, I cannot find a way of adding an image to the bottom right corner. CSS3 would be able to do this, but support is thin and SharePoint 2010 doesn't seem to like it in IE9 anyway. I've also found very little online in relation to this problem.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


    Friday, September 24, 2010 3:54 PM


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