Filter size?


  • I have a report that has two filters. The first filter is a multi-select and contains 196 choices. The second filter is also multi-select and contains 895 choices. 

    The report works perfectly in the designer both on my development machine (where the designer is VS2008) and the server (where the designer is Report Builder).

    When I try to run the report on the SSRS server, however, I run into a bizarre problem. If I select all on both the filter parameters, the server flashes "Report Loading" quickly and then nothing. If I select all on one filter and a limited number on the other, all is well. I think I have determined that the magic limiting number is 72; if I choose all on one filter and 72 on the other, the report runs. Once I pick that 73rd choice, however, ...

    I've theorized that the problem is the maxRequestLength on the server but bumping that way up hasn't solved the problem.

    Ideas anyone? Is the server logging an error somewhere and I don't realize it?

    Monday, July 22, 2013 3:36 PM


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