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  • Recently, I'm having issues with adding my exchange account to my iOS mobile device.  It doesn't seem to auto discover my exchange server by the looks of things.  If I add my exchange account to outlook (office 2016), the account loads correctly.  The difference between my exchange account and most others, is my account is a free exchange account, grandfathered by previous service supported by Microsoft, where they allowed you to configure exchange email free under a personal domain.  That service  '' has been discontinued but has been working since 2014 with no issues. AS I understood, users wouldn't face any disruption to previously created mailboxes; they'd only be able to continue using with no ability to add more exchange mailboxes to the domain. Ayone have any idea's as to waht my ios device is looking for when It asks for the mail exchange server name??; thought it might be the server listed as my mx record, but that didnt seem to work.  I have a feeling that something isn't getting updated via dns records that would normally get updated when you are paying for exchange.  ANy idea's would be helpful


    Monday, August 20, 2018 7:41 PM

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    Before iOS 11, Autodiscover would first come across port 80  which would allow to redirect the requests and configure the Active Sync profile automatically.

    Prior to iOS 11, the system would look for the autodiscover record and set the account automatically on IOS devices.
    Now you will prompted for the Exchange server settings if you are using http to https  redirect for autodiscover.
    This is because post IOS 11 and later update Apple stopped the http redirect due to security issues.

    Solution is to stop using http redirect and use single named certificate for Autodiscover which will solve this issue.

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    Tuesday, September 4, 2018 2:17 PM