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  • I just recently started evaluating Windows CE 6.0. Windows CE 6.0 includes pre-compressed AC3 versions of several Windows East Asian fonts - MS Gothic/MS PGothic/MS UI Gothic, Gulim/GulimChe, SimSun/NSimSun, and MingLiU/PMingLiU - along with their standard, uncompressed TTC versions; but it doesn't include any tool for compressing a TTF/TTC font to AC3 format. What if I want to include other East Asian fonts (like Meiryo, Malgun Gothic, Microsoft YaHei, or Microsoft JhengHei, or even my own custom-designed fonts) in my Windows Embedded project and want them compressed to AC3 format for minimum footprint?

    I know AC3 font technology was made by Agfa (now Monotype), so I first tried to contact Monotype regarding any AC3 font-compression tools if available. I got no reply from them.

    I then tried the MSDN forums:
    Only to get a response that the question was off-topic. The moderator told me to post instead at the Windows Mobile forums:
    The response from the WM moderator was that I would possibly get a quicker answer if I posted it at the MSDN forums (something I had already done, but was marked off-topic by the moderator, and I don't plan to enter into an infinite loop looking for answers).

    I looked all around the Internet and I don't see for sale/download any font software that compresses fonts to AC3. (Indeed, searching "AC3 font" via any search engine returns either links to Windows CE documentation discussing the technology (less than 1% of the search results) or links to Dolby AC3 audio tools (off-topic, but still more than 99% of the search results). And since Windows CE 6.0 doesn't include any AC3 tools, does that mean that the embedded developer will only be able to use/include the fonts already compressed by Microsoft and already provided by Windows CE?

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