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    I have a problem with conflicting interest between word sessions regarding foregroundlocktimeout and focus on applications. Scenario is like this:

    SpeechMagic (speech recognition by Nuance - previously Philips) give me speech recognition using a microphone from Philips, and the application integrated in MS Word. The template is loaded, and additional toolbar and functionality is available - like special buttons on the mike to control input etc. Word loads the template, and dictation can be done in the background while doing other things in the foreground - in my case, reviewing radiology images.

    Now - to the challenge... If Foregrountlocktimeout is set to default (200000), everything works fine. I can keep Word (speech recognition) in the background, while stopping/starting dictation. however - if Foregroundlocktimeout is set to 0, Word takes focus every time a press a button on the mike, and even if I speak (generate text).
    This is a challenge to me, because I have other applications installed, and used at the same time, that requires the value for foreground lock timeout set to 0 to present popups etc. (also in Word) in a decent manner. Word is used for presenting reports etc. and in this session of word (which is loaded after dictation is finished) we need to present popup for signing off etc. in the foreground. With a foregroundlocktimeout of 200000 this popup is not active, and may appear in the background.

    Question is how to solve this conflict.
    - Is it possible to make Word suppress the request for focus and disregard the value in foregroundlocktimeout?
    - This is not an issue when I use WordXP, but is appearent on newer versions (2k3/2k7). Why?
    - How do I request focus for a popup, even if value is set to 200000 (more for the developers)?

    We also see, at a customer site, that setting the value sometimes helps instantly, and sometimes we have to reboot. Also, we experience that setting the value is OK for a while, but suddenly the value is reset, and we don't know by which application.
    - Does it exist a more detailed description on the functionality of this setting that we can review to better understand the behaviour?


    Friday, June 10, 2011 9:02 AM


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