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  • Installed the MSDN Visual Studio 5 Help Collection (and removed the OTHER flavor HELP collection from OCTOBER 2005, which - I have NO IDEA why these are different!)

    Launching the dExplorer utility (through the IDE, clicking on HELP)

    Only seeing subsets of total collection.

    I understand there is a configuration manager.

    unfortunately, its not in a logical place!

    Clicking TOOLS>OPTIONS

    I'm seeing 4 catagories: 1) Help 2) International Settings 3) Keyboard 4) Web browser

    I should see it under HELP. But, I dont. What I do see is: 1) General and 2) online

    General has nothing related to configuring the help collection.
    Online doesnt either.

    So, I am now clicking on "HELP"  from the dExplorer toolbar - theres nothing indicative of altering/adding to the collection.

    What do I need to do to get to this Help Collection Configuration?

    Please help me understand why this simple concept of providing HELP to developers is balled into a mass of "user-friendly" maze? I'm disappointed because I cant get my work done because this help collection isnt helping.

    Please assist me if you can

    Tuesday, November 8, 2005 3:46 PM


  • Eric66:
    The problem is not that Help is not configured correctly. By default, DExplore shows the entire collection in the Table of Contents. So...if your Table of Contents filter is set to (unfiltered) and you are not seeing the entire collection, then the problem is probably related to your previous installation of the Oct. MSDN library. Check out the suggestions in the thread entitled "VS 2004 can Search but has no Contents or Index." If that doesn't work, send me a screenshot of your TOC so I can see which content is showing up. My alias is mblome at you know where.

    Michael Blome
    Visual C# Documentation Manager
    Tuesday, November 8, 2005 8:13 PM