Configuring Zend with IIS 7 to get phpmyadmin to work RRS feed

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    The title pretty much says it all, I have had it running sucessfully (im now thinking it was more luck than skill) but its recently started to throw internal server errors when running any .PHP through dreamweaver and locolhost  ,the error listed was a 200 error (internal server error) so i uninstalled everything and went back to square one now im in a situation where PHPMYADMIN is showing up the mysql extensions error, however i feel i need to configure this through handler mapping with IIS & and some config changes within Zendcore.. any ideas folks, thanks

    edit........ OK i have fastcgi set through handler mapping, so phpmyadmin is now running, this is the only thing i have edited, is there anything else i should edit? 

    edit 2...... tried to add a database through phpmyadmin and fastcgi crashed instantly, so its not working correctly 


    Sunday, April 29, 2007 11:06 AM

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    Ok guys its done and heres what i learned from the "experience" and a bit of a tutorial so that if anyone else has the same trouble (i cant be the only one) they can follow it..

    Firstly after the aggro i had, i deleted everything and ran a system clean-up, (whether it was part of the process i cant say, but always worth running)

    1) re-installed IIS 7  with all application development features ticked

    2)re-installed Zend Core V2.01

    3) double clicked the zend install.exe again and chose "modify" to install phpmyadmin and MySQL

    4) through handler mapping on IIS management panel (inetmgr.exe) enabled fastcgi ;; Handler mappings >>> add script map >>>> (browse to zend core heres mine yours may be different) C:\Program Files\Zend\Core\modules\isapi\zend_fcgi.dll

    5) still crashing and throwing errors?.. then go to zend core administration >>>> configuration >>>>> extensions, then locate mbstring - Multibyte Character Processing and enable it,

    you should now be able to access phpmyadmin through your zend administration (MySQL) tab, and add databases etc without it crashing IIS7,

    hope this rough guide helps, 



    Tuesday, May 1, 2007 9:08 AM