evntwin is not generating SNMP traps for system events RRS feed

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  • I have a strange issue with evntwin.exe on windows 2012R2 that some traps are not being generated as follows from the contents of exported events.cnf:

    #pragma add "Application" "Microsoft-Windows-WMI" 5617 1 0  <== generated
    #pragma add "System" "Srv" 1073748860 1 0  <== not generated
    #pragma add "System" "W32Time" 35 1 0  <== not generated
    #pragma add "System" "W32Time" 139 1 0  <== not generated
    #pragma add "System" "W32Time" 143 1 0  <== not generated

    Only the first one generates a trap from SNMP service when restarting WMI service. I am unable to identify why restarting w3time service generates no traps although from the above a trap should be generated. What I noticed is that anything from system events can't have evntwin generating a trap for it, why? I do hope that there are no more hidden surprises while one is digging deeper.

    Thursday, February 21, 2019 8:58 AM