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  • Now a SB program that compute JUNO time since arrival to Jupiter

    The only thing that remained to change it is this line:

    I reverse the date1 and date2 in the LitDev statement.

      days_left = LDDateTime.Subtract (LDDateTime.Now(),"2016/07/04 23:18:40") 

    program is based on a  UTC-4 zone time.

    program no: DCX188


    July 4th,2016

    There is a fantastic application in the Window Store:


    the best way to follow the mission, in real time.


    OK new version with perfect time synchro with Nasa Juno website : http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/juno/main/index.html

    version: GCN072

    _______________________ previous version __________________________________________

    ok i find

    here is what i it , here is a rectified version: CNS098-0 have changed:

    Sub OnTick
      days_left=LDDateTime.Subtract("2016/07/05 22:30:00",LDDateTime.Now())  ' July 4, 2016 (USA-Canada Pacific Daylight Time) 22 hre 30. ' so  minus -3 hrs for Est Usa-Canada
      days = Math.Floor(days_left)

    Hi everybody's !

    I wrote (with help in this forum ) a program to show the days and hours remaining for Probe Juno will arrive to Jupiter .

    The last time , the synchro was ok ,88 days, but now i check my program and i have  a 1 day variation ?

    Any idea what's missing in the program : CNS098

    original thread:


    NASA link:

    NASA TV will provide live coverage of orbit insertion on July 4, beginning at 10:30 pm


    see my screen capture of today at the same time: there is 1 day , i can't see, any idea ?

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  • Hi Yvan,

    i found following timeline on


    July 1, 2016 Jupiter Orbit Insertion 4 Days
    July 5, 2016 Capture Orbit 106 Days
    Oct 19, 2016 Period Reduction Maneuver 1 Day
    Oct 20, 2016 Orbit 1+2 20 Days
    Nov 9, 2016 Science Orbits 336 Days
    Oct 11, 2017 Deorbit 130 Hours

    Oct 16, 2017 End of Mission

    or the NASA time difference calculator handles the lap year (29-FEB-2016) wrong ?!?...~(general adding of 1 day)~ ?


    Saturday, June 4, 2016 1:45 PM
  • I guess it may be that you are in a different time zone than the NASA countdown.

    Saturday, June 4, 2016 4:34 PM
  • Hi astro fans,

    with this time, im synchroneous to NASA Time:

     days_left=LDDateTime.Subtract("2016/07/05 05:18:20",LDDateTime.Now())  

    My local time is UTC + 2

    It's count down time, Jupiter has switched on his street lights.

    Monday, July 4, 2016 10:38 PM