No such thing as diagnostic tools in visual studio 2015 wft???


  • Good day people !

    I have visual studio 2015, but there is simply no such thing as diagnostic tools not under windows, debug, during debug, there is none it does not exist anywhere which is strange, as the other pc i have used it on (At university) it works fine.

    We are learning c++ and so far so good but on my home pc i just made a fresh install and i have looked everywhere, twice and i want to have it set up the same way on both, but for some reason i cannot.I have looked in

    view > other windows;

    debug > windows; (even while debugging)

    tools > options > everywhere;

    tools > options > everywhere (while debugging)

    sadly there is no trace of it ? do i somehow need to update it?

    Is it a difference between the free version and the paid ?

    I am on win 10 and the the university is still on win 7?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated ! :)

    Monday, February 8, 2016 12:56 PM


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