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  • Anybody know what is in the pipeline after SketchFlow release?  Meaning.... I read the following on ElectricBeach site.

    "SketchFlow is the first product of this journey. Let’s go and explore…"

    SketchFlow is really awesome and has potential for more features.  I'm sure Expression team has a good roadmap.   Just curious on what Christian meant by the quote above.  Thanks.
    Thursday, July 16, 2009 7:33 PM

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  • We put SketchFlow together based on a lot of our experiences and some feedback from people who saw our SketchFlow prototypes early on. (Yes, my first job at Microsoft 21 months ago was to create a SketchFlow prototype inside of Blend!) We did throw it away, but we validated the idea with some important customers first.

    However, now that it is in your hands, we would love your feedback to help inform us what the next version of SketchFlow would contain!

    Thursday, July 16, 2009 7:47 PM
  • Thanks for reply.  Here are a few ideas from my limited use so far....

    1. Release a flood of examples, blogs, walkthroughs, etc. on current features.  ElectricBeach has done a great job on this and pointed to some good resources.  I read there is a book coming in November.  Goodie.

    2. I've not used much, but seems the documentation tool would have a selection of format to print/save as.  MS Word is the only format I've seen and works fine for me, but PDF and XPS should be out-of-box, as well.

    3.  Full Wiggly style support in VS 2008/2010.  I understand this falls outside of Blend package at this point, but would be nice to see same Sketch look/feel while opening project in both tools.

    4. ClickOnce deployment support.  This is a major and easy way we deploy internal applications at my company.  I noticed the Publish tab was not included in Project Window when opening in VS 2008.  Is there another, yet easy way, to publish SketchFlow apps when ready for production use?

    5.  I read in the help files briefly on how to convert from Sketch to production styles.  Seems there would be a switch that you could change back and forth during development cycles.  Maybe have a configuration wizard on what to use ( regular styles, WPF/SL themes like ExpressionDark, etc. ) and then have a master switch to change between.

    6. Some sort of libary or folder creation for storing multple UIs in SketchFlow Map for different levels of project.  Meaning... don't have all the UIs displayed and connected on one level.  Maybe have folders in project that represent the different levels that can store common UI in each folder.  Example:  Let's say I have an internal app for my company and each department has a specific area for UI.  Then I could have a project/folder for each department to store their UIs ( HR, R&D, Sales, Marketing, etc. ).  Better yet... you could also have a off-level connection component that represents a connection between levels.  Example:  If I was viewing the R&D SketchFlow Map folder/project, I may have a symbol that shows a UI is connected ( meaning, will navigate to ) to another UI in another folder/project for Sales SketchFlow Map view.

    7. Allow redirection of UI connections in SketchFlow Map.  I understand the concept is about sketching for navigation, but it would be good to allow control on how connections flow.  Maybe allow them to snap to gridlines.  Maybe allow connections to have 90 degree angles.  If you have many UI and connect to several other UI, it can get pretty junky.  I can picture this being similar to a Schematic/Printed Circuit Board layout tool where I connect components ( Resistors and capacitors ) together with traces.

    8.  Allow pre/non-SketchFlow WPF/SL apps the ability to add UI using SketchFlow Map and styles for controls.

    9.  More control support.  Out-of-Box: GroupBox, etc.; WPF and SL Toolkit - Charts, Accordion, Transition, etc.  I have read somewhere this is coming for toolkits.

    10. Allow Silverlight Navigation type projects to work with SketchFlow.  It would be nice if you can setup your theming ( Frosted Cinnamon, Lime Shocker, Skyline, etc. ) up front and allow the area for UIs to display the SketchFlow prototyping in the Frame control.  Better yet, maybe allow the theme ( Navigation buttons, company logo, etc. ) to be converted to a SketchFlow style and have the ability to change back and forth.

    11. SketchFlow support for Menu and Ribbon in WPF.  This would include the Wiggly look and functionality.  I understand the Component UI a little, but seems you have to add a menu for each UI even though it shows one ( Green Screen ).  I've not try this, but seems awkward and how it is really copied to each UI it is connected to.  What if I have a menu and a few menu items ( File, Edit, Help ).  One UI uses File -> Do Something and another UI that is connected to menu does not.  The code behind and events fired seem like they would throw exceptions.  Again, this is something I have not tinkered with and maybe comes into play with topics such as M-V-VM???  Would be nice to see walkthroughs with this especially with a Ribbon-type menu control.

    12. Easy ways to store data as you flow back and forth in UIs.  Use Snowboard site as example.  If I add boards and boots to cart as I navigate back and forth in several UI, the data/items are missing when I return to UI where added.  Love to see a real-world example of added/editing/removing products to a collection of data and show how to process at the end of a workflow.  Wizard-type application is good scenario.  This is a must.  I hope your team releases in-depth walkthrough on this soon.  Please do this request if anything at all!

    Some of these feature may be included or already in your team's roadmap.  Don't get me wrong, love this tool - very awesome and have waited for it a long time.  Hope this feedback helps and love to see what the future brings :)

    Hope this info was not too confusing.  If so, let me know and I'll try to be more specific.  Thanks again.

    Thursday, July 16, 2009 8:58 PM