Wi-Fi SSID in Windows Store App using Win32 API RRS feed

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  • Hi Friends,

    I am trying to get the available WiFi SSID and Signal strength of the networks. As there is no managed API that supports in Windows Store App, I though to creating Win32 DLL of  the WiFi SSID code and access from my C# code. Well I am able to access the Win32 DLL from my Windows Store App using C# code but the code fails at

    dwResult = WlanOpenHandle(dwMaxClient, NULL, &dwCurVersion, &hClient);
        if (dwResult != ERROR_SUCCESS) {
            wprintf(L"WlanOpenHandle failed with error: %u\n", dwResult);
            return 1;
            // You can use FormatMessage here to find out why the function failed

    I think its because the Windows Store App doesn't have support to access the network so it refuse the Win32 code as well. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Then I was trying to find a way, and for C++/CX, will this help me, or a better solution if any.

    My goal is to get the SSID and the signal strength of the networks.

    And could you please let me know if there any way to get the Signal Frequency also, So that I can apply this formula.



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