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  • Hi, I got a document from the trading partner which discribes the message structure same as this link (""). How do i configure "Parties" in Biztalk according to the given message structure? I did some X12 samples and its hard to find EDIFACT samples. I've been struglling for last 7 days and still not worked out. Pls provide me guidence/help to overcome the problem. I got some sample edi files from the partner too. I'm looking forward to help from you guys. Thank u
    Monday, November 30, 2009 12:37 PM


  • Hi,
        There is not much difference in standered for EDIFACT and X12 standards.
    You can see the following analogy:
    ISA -> UNB
    GS  -> UNG
    ST  -> UNH

    There is a extra segment in EDIFACT for delimiters that is UNA. In X12 Delimiters position is fixed so it does not need UNA kind of segment.

    With the Biztalk EDIFACT schemas are shipped you can use them(It's in directory XSDSchema in Biztalk Installation folder) . You can deploy these schemas and can use this schema to generate input instance as well . And you can configure Edifact party also in the same analogous manner as X12.
    For generating instance you can go thru:

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