Is it true only absolute free add-ins can be available on iOS? RRS feed

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  • Based on 10.8 at, my understanding is that only absolute free add-in can be made available in iOS.  If the add-in falls into any of the following cases, the policy disallow it to show up on iOS devices.

    • The add-in is a paid add-in in Microsoft Office Store
    • The add-in is free but provides an in-app purchase (either via Microsoft Office Store or 3rd party) of add-in developer's premium service
    • The add-in is free but requires login to a paid 3rd party service (not related to or owned by the add-in developer)

    Bottom line is that if Apple has no way to get a cut of the profit of any premium services involved/nested inside an add-in on Excel for iOS, it is not allowed.

    Could someone help confirm or correct my understanding?  Thanks!

    Saturday, October 7, 2017 5:35 PM

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  • Here are some general guidelines, though final arbitration of adherence to policies lies with the validation team.

    No iOS add-in is allowed to seek payment from user either directly or by using upsell messaging within the add-in.  All iOS add-ins must be 'free' from the Office Store.

    The way it connects to a service is more nuanced.  It is OK to connect users to a previously paid service, but it is not OK to coerce new users to buy that same service.

    Let's take users A and B, and paid service XYZ.  Let's say user A has ALREADY purchased paid service XYZ, while user B has not purchased paid service XYZ.

    What's acceptable:

    * Free add-in
    * Prompting the user to enter the username/password for the service XYZ
    * Letting user A sign into service XYZ.
    * Telling user B they do not have a valid account for service XYZ.

    Tuesday, December 19, 2017 11:25 AM