Deleting storage account and sql server


  • Hi,

    My issue currently is deleting an resource group with an sql server in it. I have tried deleting sql server first, it did not work.

    I get an error saying : {"Error":{"Code":"ServerTimeout","Target":null,"Message":"The request to delete the resource '/subscriptions/-/resourceGroups/konrad_stepien/providers/Microsoft.Sql/servers/konradservera' timed out. Diagnostic information: timestamp '20170329T110549Z', subscription id 'ee8deedc-eab5-4003-bef9-d12dde088e20', tracking id '401c4f53-a77e-492b-9e4f-68807a15e8e1', request correlation id '3d25da2f-8434-49fc-b1ad-70fbe02d458f', Deployment location 'West Europe'.","Details":null}}

    I have also tried using power shell to delete the storage account yet after 2 days of waiting it has still been processing it.

    Wednesday, March 29, 2017 4:56 PM

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