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  • So in order to avoid problems, I installed a second hard drive into my computer, and then installed the Windows DP on that HDD. This was to save space on my main HDD and not cause any booting conflicts. Well, apparently the DP likes to hijack other HDD's and not let them boot anymore... I get the bootloader (GUI) and click Windows 7, only to find that once it starts to boot, it freezes mid boot. I then have to reset the computer, boot into 7 again, hit repair, and cancel the restore once it pops up. But the end of all this, it's taken 30 minutes, and only THEN does my computer successfully boot into 7. I travel alot with my desktop, so I shut down every time, and I cant stand taking 30 minutes to boot each time, and I really don't want to wipe and do a fresh install of 7 on my other HDD. I tried to remove the DP HDD and it only gave me errors about missing hardware. This is some mess that I've created... How the hell do I fix it?
    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 2:38 AM


  • hi there,

    one thing i'd try: powerup your pc, once on the GRAPHICAL dual boot choice screen, you have OPTIONS at the bottom, just select Windows 7 as your default OS and let the system boot normally (even if it's on win8 by defalt). do a shutdown/restart of the computer, your windows7 bootloader should now have the dual boot selection (not graphical) but you now should be able to boot comfortably in win7 AND win8DP.

    keep us posted.

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    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 7:03 AM