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    I want to set the title for the windows media player to display just near the trackbar,for example"clip:river"(river is the title).I can only get the title form the URL.For example,"rtsp://".The real url is "rtsp://" while the title is "river".

    So,which function can be used to set the title displayed on windows media player to be "river"?

    Another question

    .Because the url "rtsp://" is not the real url,but "rtsp://" is, I want to input the former in the windows media player url input dialog,and change it to the latter in the source filter. In this way, I can both get the real url and the title.But once I finish inputing,the windows media player will tell me "can't find the file" without calling  the source filter.Then I have to shut down the player. Is there any way I can take to make the windows media not  check the existence of the media file? However graphedt never check. (Mention that,I use the windows media player 11.)

    Any one can help me?Thank you!

    Thursday, August 24, 2006 11:53 AM