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  • So again, a bit confused on where we are on Kinect 2 and building for UWP?
    So far, I'm using the Unity package in Unity from where you can build to Windows 8.1. But in the new Unity 2017 version, they abandon building to 8.1 and only to UWP. Of course you could use an older Unity version.
    Question to Kinect team is, is there a way now or soon to develop with Kinect in Unity and deploy for UWP?

    I've read the blog post
    Still don't get if it's possible to implement that inside Unity? And in particular, the body and joint data?

    (Have lots of code and work now that depends on Unity package.)


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  • You're probably not gonna get an answer any time soon.

    MS probably won't update the Kinect package. You'll probably have to roll your own kinda like the samples. Aaand probably using C++ at that. Write a native plugin as you'd write it for a non-Unity UWP app and you could probably interop with it.

    (NON-UWP SDK ONLY):I've also submitted a bug report to Unity concerning the 2017 version. Since it now supports the .NET 4.6 profile (experimentally) I tried to use the C# dll that the SDK samples use but they can't be used out of the box due to an incompatibility. The assembly referenced in the SDK samples is not pure .NET so at this point it can't be used until Unity responds with either a solution or a rejection.

    Here's a link to the bug report.

    Monday, September 4, 2017 8:22 AM
  • You can't use "Microsoft.Kinect.dll" in UWP. It won't work regardless if it is pure .NET code or not.

    Why would anyone expect it to work? That library predates Windows 10...

    blog post you linked mentions a CameraStreamCorrelation sample which shows how to handle body tracking data exposed as a custom frame source by Kinect 2.

    There is no production ready code / library (that I know of) which exposes Kinect frames with "Kinect.dll" simplicity.

    If you are up for testing then take a look at MultiK2 library which I am working on - it was reported to integrate well with Unity

    Monday, September 4, 2017 9:07 AM
  • Sorry, I meant that the regular Win32 SDK doesn't work with the 4.6 profile in Unity 2017. I though it appropriate as we are mixing in Unity 2017 to report it in case someone else finds this post due to it.

    Basically the C# dll that C# samples in the SDK use is a reference assembly (Unity doesn't support those since they don't actually contain code) and the referenced assembly is a C++/CLI one which is not supported either.

    Monday, September 4, 2017 9:47 AM