memory leak [duo to private bytes continuesly increasing] Application is windows service which is creating thread which is actually a winsock application. RRS feed

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  • I am running a application written in C and complied in visual studio 8 . app is a kind of communication server which provides some information to another app via winsok (version 1.1) APIs . Architecture of app is like .. first a windows service is created and it calls actual application via threads . This application is running without any memory leak on linux . BUT on windows , it is showing continues increase in memory[private Bytes] and speed of increasing the PB is proportional to my Application[server]'s to other Appication[client ] communication time interval. I checked that over all Global Heap of system  is constant. so may be unmanaged memory leak .

    My problem is how to find exact problem in code with help of any debuging tool  for the application which has above this kind of architecture(winserveice threads & winsock)


    is this the problem in my Windows server 2008 beacause it is running fine on linux 

    please suggest me some points

    thanks ans best regards

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