WebDAV call to mailbox is very slow only first time RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I make a WebDAV call to search the email content from the user mail box . The
    problem is that it is very much slow in the first time even some time I am
    getting the time out error if user has more than 2000 mails. The subsequence
    will be working fine I am getting the result as expected.  

    What might be the problem Is it problem with Exchange server configuration?
    Or problem with query?

    Does anyone know a solution to my problem?

    "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?><D:searchrequest xmlns:D = \"DAV:\" xmlns:s=\"\">"
                 + "<D:sql>SELECT  \"urn:schemas:httpmail:sendername\",\"urn:
    schemas:httpmail:to\",\"urn:schemas:httpmail:date\" ,\"DAV:displayname\",\"\",\"urn:schemas:httpmail:text

    \"  FROM  SCOPE('DEEP TRAVERSAL OF \"" + ExchangeMailUrl + "\"')"
                 + "WHERE \"DAV:ishidden\" = False AND \"DAV:isfolder\" = False
    and (\"urn:schemas:httpmail:textdescription\"  LIKE '%" + SearchQuery + "%'
    OR \"DAV::displayname\" LIKE '%" + SearchQuery + "%')"
                  + " AND (\"urn:schemas:httpmail:read\" = false OR  \"urn:
    schemas:httpmail:read\" = true) ORDER BY \"urn:schemas:httpmail:date\" " +
    SortBy + "</D:sql></D:searchrequest>"


    We have used webdav beaucse of EWS dosen’t allow deep search. As per our requirement
    we need deep search.

    Jahith Hussain.J

    Thursday, April 15, 2010 6:27 AM


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