Rowguid Different Between Publisher and Subscriber Causing Conflict


  • I am running merge replication and have a case where a single subscriber is constantly throwing conflicts and retrying rows.  In the conflict viewer it's showing that the conflicts are all due to constraint violations.  Looking deeper into the issue I can see the same row exists at the subscriber and publisher but with different rowguids.  The rowguid column is the PK for that table but another column in the table is also marked as a unique index, causing the conflict.  The merge agent sees the different rowguid as another column and is trying to resend it but can't because of the unique index.  Not sure how things got this way, the only way rows are getting added to this table are from the publisher (the clients don't add any rows).  Any ideas how things got out of whack and how to fix it.  Should i just update the rowguids at the subscriber?  I don't really want to reinitialize but might have to.
    Friday, July 12, 2013 8:36 PM


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