Installing VS2015 Update 1 without Update 3


  • Hi,

    I'm currently writing a plugin for a software package that was compiled in VC14 (Visual Studio 2015) with update 1, and I've been advised that using Update 2, 3, or the base install of VS2015 will introduce binary incompatibility with the software.

    This has been confirmed by compiling a simple test piece of code which generates a segfault when run after compiling with both the base install and update 3. This same piece of test code is confirmed to work under an older version of the software package compiled under VS2012. 

    This is really unfortunate, since update 1 is virtually impossible to find, since all links to update 1 are removed or simply redirected to the update 3 install, which is currently useless to me. I have probably searched for about 4 hours this morning so far with no luck. Is there anywhere I might be missing?

    Thanks in advance,

    Charles Trippe

    Tuesday, August 9, 2016 8:36 PM