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    Are possible build a solution with SQL Server 2005 Cluster and Database Mirroring? I have the following scenario:


    1) Site A

     SQL Server 2005 with 2 nodes and active/passive


    2) Site B

    SQL Server 2005 for Disater Recovery with Log Shipping.


    Are possivel change Log Shipping by the Database Mirroring? If is possible, are better:


    a) Synchronous(with or without witness)

    b) Asynchronous


    Thanks a lot! Sandro.




    Wednesday, October 24, 2007 6:18 PM

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  • Hi Sandro,
                 Do you mean to ask which one is better to use Log shipping or database mirroring in Site B? if yes then I would advise you to go for database mirroring as it has Automatic failover in High availability mode ! if you feel your databas eis extremely critical then you can go for witness server (to provide automatic failover) else you can have asynchronous mirroring but the mirror server will be slightly lagging with the principal server

    Thursday, October 25, 2007 1:35 AM
  • Hey Sandro,

                   There are a couple things to reply to.

                   1st  Yes it is completely possible to configure SQL 2005 in this manner.


                   2nd What are the SLA's you are looking to satisfy


                   3rd What is the bandwith between your A & B sites.  HAHS mirroring commits on the mirror before it commits on the principal, if you have a high bandwith, normally dark fiber, between Sites (or Data Centers), then this may be feesible.  If your data transfer bandwith is more of something to take into consideration, you could look at High Performance (Asynchronous Mirroring), but you may need additional transaction log space.  Until the transaction completes on the Mirror, the transaction cannot get flushed from the Principal's transaction log.  So this may take additional consideration.  But High Performance may take less time to get you back up and running in a DR scenario than Log Shipping (once again depending on the frequency of log backups and restores).

                    It could be that log shipping meets you needs exactally, or it could be that mirroring is the way to go, each solution has trade offs.

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