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  • I always confused about scheduled subscription

    what does scheduled subscription can work for me?

    how to use this?

    thanks in advance

    Friday, January 5, 2007 9:29 AM


  • Well, that's a very good question. Maybe I can turn it into a blog in the coming days.

    In the meantime, as you well know, an event driven subscription is rather straightforward. When an event occurs, notify the set of subscribers who are interested in that event. For example, I want to be notified when a certain stock exceeds a threshold that I set.

    A scheduled subscription is similar; it notifies subscribers of certain event data. However the primary difference is that it does so at an appointed time. For example, I want to be notified at the end of each day with a notification that tells me how my stock did today. Depending on the application, the scheduled subscription could even go further and tell me the stocks' daily high, daily low, and closing price.

    Event-driven subscriptions are based on the events table (using that term loosely here). Since scheduled subscriptions are sent based on the scheduled time rather than the occurrence of an event, they typically pulls data from a chronicles table instead of the event data.

    (Scheduled subscriptions will only send notifications if the match rule matches information. I.e. no notifications will be sent if the stock market is closed).

    Several of the sample applications that come with SSNS include scheduled subscriptions. Take a look at those and see if they help clarify the process. You'll want to visit chronicles tables in BOL to learn more.


    Friday, January 5, 2007 11:18 AM