Windows Firewall Error 0x6D9 RRS feed

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  • I am literally at my wit's end! I am NOT tech savvy and Believe me I have gone to all the previous forums related to this topic. I have been trying to do this on My own for a full week now! I am tired and frustrated because everything I have done in all the threads have not worked for me.

    I have tired to run the sfc/scannow and it stops at 58% and I don't know why. I have been getting this WF error now for a full week. I have tried the Mr Fix-It and it can not fix this problem.

    I ran full scans and deleted viruses and malware and a surprise Trojan. I installed the Security Essentials this week and this problem began AFTER I installed the latest updates from Windows from I think June 25th or June 30th-I really can't remember.

    The MpSvc? I don't know says it is "Stopped" and I tried to get it to turn on but it won't.

    I Just want My Firewall back-Without having to back-up all my stuff to cd's or dvd's and then uninstall windows and 7 and reinstall it.

    I am living in Brasil now and I didn't know I would end up staying to live here and DON'T have my recovery discs with me =/

    I use my computer 90% of the time for work and I can't afford to get a new laptop at the moment.

    Can someone who KNOWS what they are doing  willing to give Me step-by-step instructions of what I need to do to try to correct this issue?

    I am tears as I write this.....I am beyond lost!

    Thank you so Much for All your anticipated help!

    Thursday, July 4, 2013 10:25 PM