how do we handle drillthrough for nested lists RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

          i am developing a report for winforms . i have a report in which i have a list1 and there is another list list2 inside it . list3 is in list2 . I am setting a parameter  isExpand  to 2 hyperlinks(textbox)  Expand All and Collapse All.When i  click on Expand All (isExpand =true) all the sub lists are expanding ,when i click on Collapse All (isExpand =false) all the sublists are collapsing .


     when i click on Expand All  and collapse the individual sub lists there is a gap coming between the items being displayed . but when i click on Collapse All the gap disappears.


    When i click on Expand All the report size is shown a 3 pages  but when i expand eachlist manually the report size is 1 page . why is it so?




    1. Is there a way to control the report size (i.e the number of pages )

    2.Else is there a way to reset the parameter after drillthrough .Is there any event that can be used for this .



    Wednesday, August 29, 2007 9:37 AM