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  • I have an older Excel application that used a custom menu bar to control user options for working with the file.

    I am trying to upgrade it to work with Excel 2010, using the ribbon interface.  Basically, I don't want ANY of the default menu options, only the ones I've created.

    I used XML to create a custom ribbon for the .XLSM file, using a technique like the one shown here:

    Making only the add-ins tab visible and emptying the backstage and QAT almost accomplishes what I need.

    But I seem to have some pesky pop-up options from another add-in, PDF XChange 2012.  This is installed on company PCs as an inexpensive PDF utility, and it creates under the backstage (file) tab an add-in menu that gives access to Save commands (default is SaveAs PDF) and Send (convert to PDF and Send). 

    I do not want users to be able to change and overwrite the original file.  The idea is to use it to create forms that are generated via macro and saved via macro as separate files.  The original is a utility that should remain unchanged.

    While I could uninstall PDF XChange on my PC, I believe the options would still appear for other users who have this add-in installed. I am trying to figure out how to find the handles for the offending ribbon controls so I can make them invisible in the ribbon XML (but they are not in any MS list because they are 3rd party add-ins).  Is there a way to easily find the names (and control types) of all visible controls on the ribbon?

    Friday, November 21, 2014 4:42 PM

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