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    trying project software for the first time, i was wondering if it is possible to specify a duration for a task that has nothing to do with the real time span. Let's say i plan to spend 20 hours on a task but the programmer doing it takes two weeks to do those 20 hours along with other things in his schedule. How to log this ? Do i have to make a special calendar specifying 10 hours availability for this programmer ? But what if he is assigned other task in the project by the mean time and do them in parallel ?

    Everytime i specify a duration, i then specify an amount of hours but then the duration automatically adjust which i do not want !


    Friday, July 13, 2012 3:14 AM


  • MS Project basically works that you enter a task and estimate the duration, the work or both.  Each task has a task type that will help determine how the task will react when the resource is applied to create an assignment.  You should also enter all resources on the resource sheet that you will be using in the project.  Do not assign resources to summary tasks or milestones.

    1. For the task you want to assign the resource two enter 2 weeks (2w) in the duration column.
    2. With the Gantt chart showing split the screen (lower right corner is a little bar - double click on it). 
    3. Then right click in the lower pane and select work or resource work (2010 is Work, earlier levels is resource work).
    4. Click on the task in upper pane. 
    5. To create the type of assignment you would like to create, the type should be Fixed Units, uncheck the effort driven box.
    6. Click in the Resource name column. 
    7. Select the resource you would like to assign to the task. 
    8. Now is the tricky part - You said that the resource will work 20 hours over 2 weeks.  The default calendar for the project is an 8 hour day or 40 hours per week.  That is also the default calendar for the resources.  With that in mind, in the units column enter 25% and then click the OK button.  You have now assigned the resource to work 25% of their availability and the task should take 2 weeks.

    Repeat for other assignments using different percentages as needed.  If you are not coming up with the right calculation, just post the number of hours in the work column in the split screeen below and click OK to update each assignment.

    I also strongly suggest that you seek out a class so you can learn how to use MS Project correctly - it will cut down on the learning curve drastically for you.

    Ellen Lehnert, MVP, PMP, MCT Training/Consulting/Author ellen@lehnertcs.com, www.lehnertcs.com Author "Managing Projects using MS Project 2010 desktop" courseware, www.MVP-Press.com

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