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  • I have stored the inbound message from BizTalk to an XML column. It stores the informaiton succesfully. However, when I try to retreive the message, BizTalk is failing because it is adding the namespace to the xml message. This is a problem, becuase I am already have the namespace on the xml.

    I started to play with the .modify, but I am having some problems replacing the namespace in the xml message. I was wondering if anyone has done somethinig similar to this and how did you solve it. Thank you in advace.

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011 1:47 PM


  • Ok I got to to work and here is the solution in case anyone is interested.

    Since the table already has the XML, basically, instead of using Biztalk, use the BCP command. Biztalk will add the namespace, and I guess I could have added the name space to my schema but it was odd that I would do that. Instead, I created a bcp command that will pull the file straight out of the table and place the xml output in a recieve location. From there I let Biztalk pick it up. Hope this helps anyone who tries to do this.

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