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  • Greetings.

    We're small company in Venezuela, trying to develop a tablet prototype using  Windows Embedded Compact 7,  we have some doubts and any recomendation will help.

    1. About the operating system interface: shall we develop an user interface with silverlight? in order to be touch friendly? use gestures... etc?

    2. Hardware: what are the minimum hardware requirement for this OS?, CPU type (x86, ARM)?, Memory?.

    3. Any other advice or recomendation will'll be greatly appreaciated..

    We'll to post our progress here...





    Saturday, March 5, 2011 8:26 PM

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  • 1. Silverlight is not required to have touch-friendly user interfaces or to use gestures.  Choose Silverlight if you feel that the advantages in appearance and the separation of the roles of user interface designer and application programmer are beneficial to you.  Also consider that the Silverlight enginer really, really needs a graphics accelerator to give good responsiveness.

    2. That will depend entirely on what you want to do.  Yes, x86 and ARM are both possible.  You will certainly need memory (you see where I'm going with this; we can't predict what operating system components you will use, so we can't give clear direction on how much RAM you need).  Since Windows CE, I mean Windows Embedded Compact, is modular, you decide what pieces you want.  If this is to be a consumer  device that you will sell to the average person on the street, I would not build with less than 256MB of RAM and 1GB of flash, to allow many applications to be installed and executed on the device.  If you are building a specific device for, say, the oil industry where third-party applications will not be installed, you may be able to get by with as little as 32-64MB of RAM and 64-128MB of flash.  Again, if you decide on Silverlight, you need to concentrate on the GPU first, as that will likely drive many of your other hardware choices.

    Paul T.

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011 3:28 PM