Dynamics Connector: CRM 2011 with multiple NAV (2009 R2) companies


  • How to sync the accounts and contacts from 1 CRM organization to multiple NAV companies (and vice versa!)?

    - CRM 2011 with 1 organization and 1 business unit
    - NAV 2009 with ~10 NAV companies
    - each NAV company has it's own integration record table
    - contact table in NAV stores companies and contacts, is shared

    What I want:
    - let's say a contact is created in CRM, it get's synced to NAV (for example NAV company A)
    - regardless of from which NAV company (A, B, etc) the user updates the contact in NAV, it should sync back to CRM

    - if you add a contact in CRM, sync to NAV - let's say NAV company A, only the integration table of that company is updated
    - if you then change the contact in NAV company B - NAV will create a new record in the integration table of company B

    Result of this:
    - if the connector only syncs with NAV company A - the connector won't update the contact in CRM (since the integration record within NAV company A isn't updated)
    - if the connector syncs with NAV companies A and B - it will create a new contact record in CRM (since a new integration record is created in NAV company B)

    Possible solutions I can think of:
    - sync one NAV company to CRM, instruct, users to add/update contacts in NAV in only one(!) NAV company
      (easy to implement, but not the solution I'm looking for)
    - sync one NAV company to CRM - let's call it the "master" company, use the integration table of this NAV company only (connector only syncs with this NAV company)
      add oninsert, onmodify & ondelete events on the contact table of other NAV companies to update the integration table of the "master" NAV company

    Anyone with NAV exp - is the second solution possible? if yes, could you help me with script example(s)?
    Or is there anyone with a other solution?

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013 4:20 PM