Windows CE 6 Bluetooth PAN, iPad compatibility issue RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I've set up a Bluetooth PAN network on my Windows CE 6 device using DHCP Allocator and with BTPAN1 assigned to a static IP.  I can connect fine to this from an Android phone, Windows PC and Microsoft Surface RT tablet and the BT connection stays open indefinitely and has no issues.  On the iPad it connects, data flows OK (Can open page in Safari), and then the connection drops always around 20 seconds later.  However the iPad can connect via PAN to the Android phone alright and does not drop the PAN connection even if left connected for a long time.

    Now I realise the issue is probably with the iPad but there are some other posts around the web which list a specific Windows Mobile type issue with iPads and BT PAN (without solution).  There's no information that can be gleaned from the iPad end.

    Has anyone here seen this issue or know of what could be tweaked on the Windows CE side to prevent this connection drop? Anyone know of issues in the Microsoft BT Stack pertaining to PAN?

    Any ideas would  be appreciated.

    Friday, August 9, 2013 12:52 PM