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    This is the place to post all questions relating to the use of the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) programming interface.


    Below is a brief overview the WFP. The user-mode API set and services is documented in the platform SDK; and the kernel-mode functions used by WFP callout drivers are detailed in the WDK (Windows Driver Kit).


    Documentations are also online:


       Windows Filtering Platform (

       Windows Filtering Platform Callout Drivers (


    Introduction to Windows Filtering Platform (WFP)




    Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) is a set of API and system services that provide a platform for creating firewalls. WFP API allows developers to create code that interacts with the packet filtering that takes place at several layers in the networking stack throughout the operating system.


    WFP integrates with and provides support for firewall features such as authenticated communication and dynamic firewall configuration based on applications' use of sockets API (application-based policy). Windows Filtering Platform is a development platform and not a firewall itself.


    Developer Audience


    The Windows Filtering Platform API is designed for use by programmers using C/C++ development software. Programmers should be familiar with networking concepts and design of systems using user-mode and kernel-mode components.


    Run-Time Requirements


    The Windows Filtering Platform is supported starting with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. For information about run-time requirements for a specific programming element, see the Requirements section of the reference page for that element.

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