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  • I followed the directions here:

    In order to learn about using the JSGrid on a sharepoint/PWA page. In my "modified" example, I used a page, not a custom control and deployed it to PS2010 PWA.

    So far so good. I SEE the grid and all it's intended functionality with data, however, I need to display this page as a pop up in PWA. So of course I used the standard method:

    SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog() - with some options for sizing, but basically the url of the page i created.

    Result: The page shows up as a pop up (without the left and top nav bar/ribbons, which is GOOD, that is what I wanted), and the JSGrid shows up with data, which is also GOOD, but when I click on a column in the upper right, I get the option to "Configure Columns". When I click on this, the javascript function for the JSGrid fails...

    Function: this.Open=function(parentEl, fnOnClose)

    Line of Code: upBtn.disabled=dnBtn.disabled=!bMovableColumns;

    It seems that it cannot bind to the "upBtn" control.

    I only get this crash when I put up the page in a modal dialog window. Can someone at Microsoft please provide a workaround? Even if that means dissabling or removing the option to "Configure Columns". I would be ok with removing this option, I just don't want my users to click on this and get javascript errors and a non functional page.



    Sunday, September 19, 2010 12:55 AM


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