Office 2010: how to repurpose backstage group buttons (which don't have a Control Name) RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    As you may see, the List of Fluent controls IDs doesn't contain any entries for these controls. Most probably they were added by add-ins. Did you have a chance to check the list of running Word add-ins?

    Saturday, January 25, 2014 1:05 PM
  • With the exception of the SaveAs button, at the bottom, for which you'd need to use the DocumentBeforeSave event, none of the items in this list are actual commands. The list is dynamic, so there can't be a control id or anything similar.

    You'd have to either remove the Save to SharePoint tab and replace it with your own, or see whether DocumentBeforeSave can also be used for the SharePoint locations.

    Cindy Meister, VSTO/Word MVP, my blog

    Saturday, January 25, 2014 4:20 PM
  • Thanks Eugene, but I'm pretty sure these are standard buttons for Office 2010.
    Saturday, January 25, 2014 8:06 PM
  • Thanks Cindy.

    Yes, the DocumentBeforeSave event is triggered when the document is saved to SharePoint. The problem, of which you are probably aware, with this event, is that it is also triggered by the "AutoSave". This has been resolved in Office 2013, with a new property available to detect this, but in 2010 the problem still exists: How to detect if the save is triggered by the user, or by the autosave. To do this we need to detect if a button has been pressed.

    So, outside of rewriting this part of the UI, we're still looking for a solution.

    Saturday, January 25, 2014 8:11 PM