XML for store app


  • hi,

    can i use XML approach for my store application ?

    i mean if i save data in XML files through application but not locally in-spite on Microsoft store hosted server.

    Will i go for purchasing Azure bandwidth for this purpose?

    can't i use some alternate like roaming but with no restriction of size limit?

    Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:24 AM


  • You can store your data in XML files if that is appropriate for your app. If you need enough data that you are concerned about the roaming size then you probably will want a more structured database. For roaming purposes, a cloud hosted database would be a likely candidate.

    Windows built-in roaming system has a size limit. If you need to roam data without a size limit then you will need to managed this yourself. You can use Azure (Windows Azure Mobile Services makes this very easy, but it is not free) or you can host it on a 3rd party host.


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