I can not build & deploy an application using VS 2011 under Windows 8 Release Preview


  • I've tried to build the windows 8 metro style app I'm currently developing. Visual Studio does not react in any way and when I'm trying to make any changes to the project I'm getting the message which is saying that I better not apply changes to the Project during build. I am not able to close the program in a usual way (task manager is the only solution that worked for me). I have tried the 'Simulator' build configuration - still nothing. The simulator starts - but it seems that the app is not deployed. The same problem appears if I am trying to build any windows 8 metro style application. Even the samples provided on the official site.

    Have you ever tried to develop any metro application using the Windows 8 Release Preview before releasing the product ?

    Is there any solution for that - It takes time to downgrade to Consumers Preview & Install all the apps for the development.

    P.S. Windows 8 Consumers Preview seems to be much more completed & tested - Release Preview looks more like the 'alpha' version. Applications are failing to start, music/video apps seem to have some problems with performance - I'm not able to play video, the Music application fails to start all the time, it is recreating the Album/Artist tiles in 'my music' collection all the time - so I'm not able to list my music. The conclusion I get from he release preview is an impression that Windows 8 won't be released in this year for sure. If the Release Preview is a way more buggy in comparison to the Consumer Preview. If there is no solution - I will downgrade and wait for the 'Real' release.

    Monday, June 4, 2012 10:22 PM

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  • VS2011 should work with Win8 RP to compile a metro style application.

    According to your symptom, it's likely that your VS2011 is still building the application and it's block by certain task. How long were you waiting for the build? Do you see any error after a long time waiting or it just stopped response?

    I suggest that you can download process monitor tool to check what VS2011 are busy on. You can get this tool from following link:


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    Han Xia

    Wednesday, June 6, 2012 2:25 AM