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  • I know this topic has been beaten to death. But I just feel an overwhelming desire to flap my fingers once again.


    I want to Open a Metro App in an Ovelap Window in Desktop View when:

    1) I'm on a PC with only one monitor using Desktop view primarily.

    2) The desktop monitor's scalable resolution is larger than anything a metro app requires.


    I understand that the Metro apps aren't built with any knowledge that they are an overlap window. So some operating constraints might be:

    1) They run in some kind of Destop VM window that the Metro app is unaware of. (Lets call this a Virtual Window VW)

    2) The VW would be launched at max scalable DPI to enable the Metro app's max view.

    3) The VW would not be sizable, scrollable or even minimized. It could only be closed.


    Multiple VWs would be desirable but maybe only 1 VW would work because it would be a windowed view of the currently running Metro App on the full screen Touch UI.

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