Using N level of details in local Report RRS feed

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  • I have to make a local Report  
    the data source for this reporte is an  object (class  /Items/)
    this class Contains several fields (Item Id ,Item descreption,Item cost, childItems ,IsAssemply,....)
    IsAssemply  Tell me  if this Items Have childItems in it .
    chieldItems  is a list  From Items  (It can be empty )
    In my repot I have to view Items in a table (each Item  with  childItems)
    the problem is  ( each value  in  childItems  is Items and may Include a childItems
    and each value in the last  childItems  is Items and may Include a child Items ...... etc (I don Know the number of Levels ))
    (And I have to view all Items and childItems in my report )
    in  another way
    I have table in my report each row in table Could be a table an each row in the last table Could be a table .....
    Is this possible, Is there a way to do that ????

    Thanks All
    Thursday, March 5, 2009 9:54 AM