Need help for WHQL testing connection type: WIFI Direct RRS feed

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  • Hello MS,

    I get a hesitation for WHQL Testing connection type, My developer informed me that our DUT(Printer) support wifi direct a few days ago. But I found no case detected automatically by WHCK for WiFi Direct,

    I want to know how should I handle this case. 



    Monday, January 6, 2014 7:30 AM

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  • Hi Gäelle,

    I get the same doubt with you, so I connect MS for help by Email, attach MS reply, hope can help you,

    Hi, the response from the print team is:


    “All the print and scan features will be detected automatically.  This is the only way they will work since test parameters are filled in automatically from gatherer data. “


    Thus, they recommend that you not add any features manually as done in the screenshot that you sent. The HCK should be able to automatically detect the printer without the need to add any additional tests.



    Hello, thanks for contacting us.


    The tests you included in the screenshot are all tests related to wireless card device certification.


    If you are seeking printer certification, I don’t believe that these tests will apply to you.


    So if you are seeking to certify the wireless device itself, these tests would be required.


    As for your third question, as I am not familiar with the printer test requirements, I will need to reach out to that team and find out.



    Wednesday, January 8, 2014 8:27 AM
  • Hi Gäelle, If your device support Wi-Fi Direct features, you can choose additional test items on the device requirement Device.Network.WLAN.WiFiDirect. For the test items, add feature on Selection Tab of HCK 2.1.
    Thursday, January 9, 2014 3:06 AM
  • Hi Yoyamada,

    Idon't think you are right, as Gäelle's question that the DUT is a printer and the printer have no this feature(WiFi-Direct), so Gäelle needn't add this feature for his testing. 

    Plus: You can determine the list of features that are required for your product type from the Windows HCK Profuct Type Test Matrix.

    If I get some mistake just informed

    Have a nice day


    Wednesday, January 15, 2014 2:51 AM
  • Hi J.P.

    MS reply as you menthioned indicate that the test in the screenshots were shown by selecting on the device requirement Device.Network.WLAN.WiFiDirect?

    If so, the test iems may be for only wireless card devices, NOT for wireless prineters/scanners with WiFi-Direct feature. 

    Thursday, January 16, 2014 1:57 AM