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  • Hi !

    I know this subject has been discussed over and over. But I haven't found a suitable solution.

    I'm building an app that is part of a global POS solution (devices + softwares + online trial).

    The "production" version will never be connected on the internet for obvious security reasons, and contains a local web server. Different kind of devices need to connect to that server. The Windows App will be installed on the same machine as the server. 

    The app needs to access the local web server (simple HttpClient POST / GET web services => basic stuff).

    I know about CheckNetIsolation Loopback. It's working great. But it's only a fix for testing purpose.
    I need a permanent solution. One that I can be sure that will pass Windows Store validation.


    Saturday, September 21, 2013 12:39 PM

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  • There is no supported way for Windows Store apps to connect back to other apps on the local system. They can connect only to other systems or back to the same app. There is no way around this that will pass validation.

    I'm not sure if it meets your needs or not, but a possibility might be to run the web server in a VM. Otherwise you will need to include the functionality in the app itself or right the UI as a desktop app rather than as a Windows Store app.


    Saturday, September 21, 2013 2:17 PM
  • If I understand correctly.
    The same app is authorized to connect to the server if it runs on another machine (same network). But if on the same machine, than it's not. Kind of nonsense to me.

    I do know the IP address of the web server. If it use it instead of using "localhost". And submit the app for approval, will it be rejected because of the "local use rule" ?
    Knowing the app can either be used online (default, demo) or locally (production).

    What about sideloading ?
    Machines are running on Windows 8 Home. What do I need to install the app ?
    Cost is an issue. Cannot spend hundreds of euros on certificates, licenses for each machine.

    Installation (production) is always handled by the company and not the client since we need to configure router, network, etc.

    I really need to find a suitable and affordable solution.

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    Saturday, September 21, 2013 4:11 PM