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  • Just read this top article on Structured Programming:

    Some bits that where helpful for me:

    "a simple hierarchical model that employs looping constructs" . This is where the Goto (or more accurately, poor use of it) got a bad rap. re goto, I reckon it's a solid keyword because it represents the coders discretion for branching and doesn't rely on logical flow. e.g. I've seen it used as an underline beneath events handlers. No need for it for the program flow, but definitely shows that everything beneath it is called, e.g.


    Goto loop

    into subsections that each have only one point of access and one point of exit. Really like this trick. I just wrote some code where I set i=1 at the end of a subroutine to be picked at the start of another. Wont do that again. Next time i'll reset i=""

    Anyway nice article, the whole thing was a good read, bit of history etc...

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013 1:45 PM